Michelle Groome

MBBCh, DCH, MScMed (Epi&Biostats), PhD

Michelle Groome, MBBCh, MSc (Med) Epi & Biostats, PhD, is a senior clinical researcher and medical epidemiologist at the Respiratory and Meningeal Pathogens Research Unit, University of the Witwatersrand. She has been involved in clinical research for the past 13 years with a focus on infectious diseases, especially vaccine preventable diseases in children. She has extensive experience in the conduct of clinical vaccine trials in the unit as well as observational, epidemiological studies, including surveillance programmes and studies assessing vaccine impact, effectiveness and safety in South Africa. Her main area of interest includes enteric disease epidemiology, aetiology and prevention, in particular rotavirus diarrhoea and vaccination. She currently holds a career development award (Emerging Global Leader Award) from the Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health, United States, and is a fellow in the Great Leap Forward Programme, Wits Health Consortium, a new entrepreneurship programme which provides a year of intensive coaching and mentorship.

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