Master of Science in Medicine in the field of Vaccinology:

MSc(Med) vaccinology

The African Leadership in Vaccinology Expertise (ALIVE) consortium initiated a Master of Science in Medicine in the field of Vaccinology in February 2019. This course will be hosted and run under the School of Pathology, Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits).


To train the next generation of leaders in vaccinology on the African continent.


Capacitate young, African scientists to develop a scientific understanding of different aspects of vaccinology, including immunology, vaccine discovery and development, epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases, vaccines against specific pathogens and public-health focus on vaccines

Who should apply?

The Wits-ALIVE MSc(Med) in the field of vaccinology will appeal to medical, health science and public health professionals who have a desire to contribute to reducing mortality and improving health through vaccination, especially in low & middle income countries.

Course details

  • The full-time, in-person 2-year long Masters course is conducted in English and utilises a blended educational program.
  • In 1st year: in-person or virtual lectures, interactive sessions and facility visits are the main training modalities in 1st year.
    • Students need to pass 11 examinable modules, covering Basic and Applied Immunology, Basic & Applied Epidemiology, Basic & Applied Vaccinology, Clinical Microbiology, Research Methodology, Vaccines & Public Health, Vaccine Development and Project Management
    • Students develop their research protocol, for review by postgraduate examiners
  • In 2nd year: students conduct their research, and prepare research report for examination
  • Students have the opportunity to attend workshops and short courses on Good Clinical Practice, Ethics in Research and REDCap database development

Funding and Application

A limited number of scholarships for students from Africa are available

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Note: Applications close on 30th September 2022

Entry requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree of at least 4 years’ duration from Wits or another university or a bachelor’s degree followed by an honours degree.
  • Working experience (minimum 1 year) in the field of infectious diseases, immunology, vaccinology/ immunisation or research in a relevant field.
  • Please note that fulfilment of the application requirements does not guarantee a place.
  • South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Certificate of Evaluation for foreign qualifications (www.saqa.org.za)